Monday, October 22, 2012

Double the Challenge!

Today I am submitting a card for two challenges!  Woohoo!  It's not very often that one of my creations qualifies for more than one challenge but today it just worked out that way!  Maybe the goodness of the Liebster Award is giving me a hand.  Who knows, anyway here is my card for today...

Orchid Tile Card
Both challenges are over at SCS, the first being the 400th Technique Lover's Challenge (woohooo!!) Cut It Up! We were asked to take an image and cut it up any way we wanted - it just had to be cut up!  Well I am certainly not a 'Random' kinda girl so of course mine are cut into neat little squares!  (Me and OCD are close friends/enemies!!)  So The image I decided to use is this old tried and true stamp that I inherited from some one's getting out of the hobby give away.  It has no name or company on it so sorry I can't help with that.  Anyway, every time I use this stamp I have so much because I get to color - I always stamp the image in black and color the flowers what ever colors are in my mood that day!!  So I did just that today.  I stamped and started my therapy session oh uh I mean coloring session!  Then it hit me... wasn't there a challenge from last week that was about coloring??  I didn't have anytime at all to craft last week - the only thing I did was glance through some galleries and look at what the challenges were but I didn't have to do any of them.  So I got on mt computer and checked.  Sure enough last thursday's challenges was Ways To Use It - Crazy For Crayons!!!  How lucky is that!  So back to the card... there really isn't a lot to tell this time.  I stamped and colored the image as I said, then cut it up and mounted the pieces on to some scrap purple cardstock and mounted those pieces onto the card front.

Hope you like it!  I hope to get back to my regular crafting addiction soon!  These spur-attic moments of speed crafting is not cuttin it - - I need more I tell ya, I need MORE!!! 

 Well until then thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day,
 Shabby Jo 

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  1. This card rocks!! I know if I cut up an image it would have to be very well planned out like yours!! Nice going getting in for two challenges!!