Thursday, August 9, 2012

Army Strong Birthday Card

Hi there everyone!  I am super excited about this card I made - it is Army Strong!!!!  Okay, so my nephew has recently decided to follow his daddy's big foot steps and join the Army.  HOOAH!!  While I am not particularly happy about it and I am happy for him!  This is what he wants to do and I support that 100%!!  He is doing so well, we are so proud of him!  Well, about the same time as his birthday this month, he graduates from his 'special training'.  So I thought an Army themed card was totally in order!  Here you go...

Army Strong Birthday Card

I chose a Z-Fold card because I thought it would work well with all the elements I had!  The paper on the far right side was actually given to by someone a long time ago and I have held on to waiting for it's moment of glory.  Well I think that moment certainly arrived with this card!  The image is so powerful to me it was perfect all by itself and I could bare to wright on it so that's when I came up with the little panel in the middle for my personal note.  Simple yet Strong is how I feel about this one!  I really hopes he likes it - it will be hand delivered to him by his daddy (my Big Brother!) when he goes to attend his graduation ceremony!!!
Before I start to cry and get all mushy I will sign off for the night...

Thanks for stopping by,
Shabby Jo

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