Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Birthday Invitaions

Halloween is coming and with comes parties themed for the season!  A friend and her son both have October birthday's!  This year her son wanted a Halloween Birthday Party!!!  Oh what fun!  I was asked to do the invitations and just could wait to dive in to this spooktacular task! I even got to play with Edward on this project!

Halloween Birthday Party Invitation

I printed the invitation verbiage and spooky tree onto orange card stock.  I created shadow cut files from the ghost and pumpkin stamp from stampabilites - Fall Holidays set, using MTC.  Then sent the cut files to my darling Edward (my eCraft!).  I then stamped the images onto their corresponding shadow cut outs.  For each ghost and pumpkin there are actually two of them.  I glued two together with the embroidery thread in between.  I threaded them through the orange card stock and attached to the back.  Then I adhered the orange card to the black card base.  I added the foam glittery bat I got from hobby lobby.  And there you have it!  They turned out really cute, everyone loved that the ghost and pumpkin were 'hanging' freely from the tree - it made it fun!
Now I have to get my creative juices in high gear.  I am hosted my SAHM Play Group's Annual Halloween Party!  We will have fun and spooky snacks, spooktacular crafts, and ghostly games!  I can't wait to see all the kids and their costumes and I especially love seeing their completed crafts!  Well about a week left to prepare so I better get cracking on it!

Thanks for stopping by, Shabby Jo


  1. Love this one!! Very clever idea on the hanging of the ghost and the pumpkin!!

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