Thursday, September 6, 2012

Snake Party Invitations

 Ssssoo, a friend of mine has called the famous Mr. Clint - The Snake Man and he is bringing all his ssslithering friends to meet her youngest son and his friends at his 4th birthday party!!  This little boy is so excited - what little boy wouldn't be?!!  Live Snakes at your birthday party - how cool can you be!!  Or shall we say, how cool can your momma be!!!  Well this brave lady asked for help for the invitations and of course we came up with something great!!

Now before I show the cards I must show you something else first!  I was almost finished with the invitations, I was just putting my little Create by...Stamp on the back when I realized that for someone who isn't one of mr. snake's best friends... I sure had a lot of snakes in my studio!!!!

I had stopped and had a little chuckle to myself and just had to take a picture!!

So, for the front my friend had the idea that she wanted a big snake coiled up on a bed sand.  So with some glue, sand, and nice glass of my favorite wine spritzer we made a small mess but had big time fun doing it!!  I created an SVG image of a coiled up snake and sent it to Edward (my trusty eCraft machine!!) to cut them all outof this awesome snake print paper from the Paper Studio that my friend found!  I dry embossed each one with the Tiny Bubbles folder from cuttlebug, then I wiped my versamark pad across the top to apply it to just the raised bubbles then used clear embossing powder and heat set.  I took each snake and ran it along my pinky finger curling the edges to try and give them some dimension - it worked great!!   I used red satin ribbon for the tongue and Walaa we have snakes!!  It was almost creepy how realistic they turned out!!  The clear embossing gave it texture to add to the realism!!  I must admit - they were pretty awesome even though they were snakes!!

Snake Party Invitation Front

Once I got to the inside I just could not leave it plain.  I mean the front was so awesome that when I opened it I really felt let down by all that white!!  So I put Edward to work again and cut out some wavy strips from the same snake paper.  I ran them through my Xyron and then applied the same techniques as I did the snakes!  They turned out great.  I grabbed my little sponge and SU daffodil delight and went to town.  Aaahhhh, now that's much better!!

Snake Party Invitation Inside

 Well, if the birthday boy is happy with them then we are happy with them!  I can't wait for this exciting party and to see how our son reacts to the big snakes!!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sssshow, have a great day and come back ssssoon!  Okay so I'm being a little corny... Sssoo Sssue me!!! he he he!

Thanks for stopping by,
Shabby Jo


  1. What a great invitation! Very creative and they do look pretty darn real. Love that you took a picture of the snakes in your room!

  2. What kid wouldn't love this set of wonderful party invitations! These are terrific!